Humble Pickups are inspired by classic sounds of the past. Crafted for guitarists who are looking for something different to accent the look and sound of their instrument.  


FAt Bottom Humbuckers

The Fat Bottom pickup has a nice treble response and a fat low end with accentuated mids. You choose what color pole piece, frame and wood it’s made with. Wax potted. Vintage push back conductor and short leg frame standard.

BlacK-Eyed SUsan Single Coils

 The Black-Eyed Susan was a slang term for the six-shooter of the old west. The coils are wound for clarity with low output so crank up your amp! Poles are appropriately spaced for their position. Wax potted and topped with wood. The middle is RWRP for hum cancelling.  

Li'l Belle Soap Bar Single Coil 

 Clear singing tone with accentuated highs and mids and tame lows. The Li'l Belle is a nice balanced pickup. The neck pickup is wound CCW with alternate magnetic polarity for hum cancelling affect when both positions are on. 

Bo Twangles Tele Bridge 

The Bo Twangles offers up classic tele bridge tone. Lots of twangy goodness with a touch of mid to offset the harsh highs that sometimes come with single coils. Wax potted and wrapped with either white or black cotton string.