Joshua Randall is the man behind the scenes at Humble Pickups


A few thoughts…

First off, thanks for taking a second to read this.

I’ve had a soft spot for the sounds of the electric guitar since my mom played me her collection of rock and country LPs as a kid. I got the chance to take a run at a career in music in the 90’s and I took it - and loved every second of being on road and playing for others. That being said, in the end that life just wasn’t for me. So…what to do? I drifted through a pile of careers, military service and machine shops. I’ve always had a knack for building and fixing things and so I went back to school for engineering and eventually attended the American School of Lutherie where I learned the finer points of building guitars from Charles Fox. I combined my love of technical woodworking and art and founded Woodshed Electric Guitars where I make custom electric guitars, basses and wind my own pickups. Although the pickups started out as just a piece of my guitars, I want to offer them to you as their own thing - and so the ‘Humble Pickup Co’ was born.

It is my sincere hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them. Rock on.