FAt Bottom Humbucker

The ‘Fat Bottom’ humbucker is true to it’s name. The highs and mids are tight with a fat low end. The look is up to you. They come in 11 cap colors, 5 frame choices and 3 pole piece colors. The neck and bridge are wound to compliment each other if installed in a matched set. The bridge is slightly over-wound to drive your pedals and amp for great sounding breakup. The neck is wound for a clear singing mid sound and big lows.

Neck 7.6 K, Bridge 8.9 K. Wax potted unless requested otherwise. 49.2 mm pole spacing. ‘F’ Spacing coming soon!

I offer this pickup with your choice of frame, cap and pole piece. 

Frames come in Black, Chrome, Smoked Nickel, un-plated Nickel or Gold.

Cap choices are Vintage White/Mahogany, Vintage White/Oak, Candy Red, Natural Pine, Natural Mahogany, Rebel Grey, Powder Blue, Absinthe Green, Antique White, Blackend Pine and Classic Black Fibre.

Pole piece colors offered are Nickel, Black and Gold. Also available are black oxide hex screws instead of the usual filister screws (this changes the pickup response slightly).

Vintage push back wire or 4 conductor hook up wire per your spec.

I can also add wear to the pickups upon request.

Below are a few clean sound clips. The guitar is plugged directly into channel A of a Fender Vibrolux Reverb Amplifier 2 x 10 and recorded using a Sennheiser e906 mic.

Below are a few overdriven sound clips. The guitar is plugged directly into a Fender Blues Jr Amplifier 1 x 12 with the pre-amp cranked and recorded using a Sennheiser e906 mic.